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What is Unity Game Engine? Best game development engine in 2022

Unity Game Engine is a cross-platform game development engine developed by Unity Technologies, first launched in June 2005. There are lots of different game engines available for aspiring game developers. Choosing the right game engine will affect how long your development process is and what type of content you can create with your game, so it’s a big decision to come to terms with.

You may have heard of Unity Game Engine before. It’s one of the most popular game engines being used today. You might be wondering what it offers, and how to get started with it. One of Unity’s best features is that it’s completely free for anyone to use.

This article will not only explain what Unity is, but also why you would want to use it to create games.

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What is Unity Game Engine?

Unity is a game engine that has been around since 2005, when it was developed in order to provide developers with better access to game development tools. In the years since its release, it has grown and expanded dramatically, managing to keep up with modern technologies.

Game engines have a main purpose to provide the most robust tools possible for game developers, as well as make it easy for developers of any skill level. They’ve also expanded their reach outside the video game industry with focus on real-time 3D development, making them one of the most powerful engines available.

Features in Unity

Lets talk about some key feature provided by Unity game engine. So it will beacome easy for you to decide to dowload Unity.

Supoorts 2D and 3D

Unity supports both 2D and 3D project types. The engine is used for video games, film and other industries. The engine has been adopted by others such as automotive, architecture, engineering, construction and more.

Cross Platform

Unity Game Engine have Cross Platform build support. So as a developer it will be very easy to build game for one platform and them port it into different platform with appropriate kit. In Unity you can export game for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintedo and HTML5.

Easy to Use

Unity organizes content in a way that is easy to edit. Unity creates scenes with areas for background, player character, enemies, and more.

Unity can create parent-child relationships between objects in the Hierarchy, making it easier to add new objects. Beyond this, Unity Game Engine comes with the Inspector tool which gives you immediate access to your object’s properties, allowing you to change them without going into the code. Unity Editor helps you to create objects in scene and arrange them.

Asset Store

Unity’s asset store has lot of 2D and 3D assets, templates, audio, and music. It contains paid and free assets that can help in designing any type of game.

Unity has a community that creates plugins, which you can use for your project. The package manager makes installing these assets easy and no hassle.


With Unity Game Engine, you can create animations and objects within the engine that respond to touch. You can also use the platform’s robust library of bones, limbs and other rigging tools while animating 2D images.

Animator has a graphical representation that is easy to understand. Combined with predefined animations, Animator will create an animation state machine for you. You can animate things like jumping and transition between states smoothly.

Unity Game Engine Download

Is Unity game engine free?

Unity comes with free and paid licenses. For Student and Personal use Unity provides free license. But for Personal or Company you want more features you can go for Pro or Plus Plans.

For Downloading Unity vist this link: Unity Hub Downlaod

After visiting this link choose Download Unity Hub. After the complete download, executes the downloaded file once you complete installation, sign in with your unity account to activate your license.

Some Unity Games Online

lets see some popular games made wity unity.

Hollow Knight
Monument Valley 2

Why Choose Unity

As we know many game development engines are available in market. Why should we choose Unity over them. We will go through some main reasons.

Free to use

You can create and sell as may games you want till $100K. Unity dont have any restriction in features. only Made with unitysplash screen will shown in launch of your game if you are on free license.

Easy to use

Unity is easy to use once you know the interface. Unity’s architecture is easy to understand, and you can create objects easily. With the Unity Inspector, most properties of an object are exposed and these properties can be adjusted through the engine itself – without needing to write code, if you don’t want to.

Huge Community

Unity’s community knowledge is vast and ever-growing, so you can always find tutorials to match your learning style. Also, you can find lots youtube video and courses on udemy.

Mobile Game Development

Unity Game Engine is now one of the best engine for mobile game development. It support both Andorid and iOS SDK. So you dont need write code for both platform differently. Once you write code in unity you can build game for bith Android and iOs device.

Asset Store

There are many game assets you can buy. If you’re not an artist, it’ll be a lot of work getting these assets on your own. But, with this service, you can use their huge library of resources to find the right content for your project and have it implemented quickly and easily.


Unity is the best engine to use if you’re developing projects for VR and AR services. Along with its support for the technologies, Unity has been on board since they began to rise in popularity and provides a seamless integration with the engine.

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